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Guidance, support and expertise - enlist the help of Elite Sports Consulting Ltd, London, to find and secure academic and sports scholarships that unlock doors for your future. 

A tradition of excellence and positivity

Our work guiding winners spans multiple continents, sport disciplines, and organisations. Through dedicated presence, time, positive influence, and attention, we foster young peoples' personal growth, character and commitment to their own journeys. With over 40 years of experience, our philosophy, and our own methodology, give us a unique edge that serves young talent, their communities, and sports at large.

By working with councils across London and beyond, Elite Sports Consulting Ltd is able to negotiate funding and assistance for individuals from all backgrounds, bridging the gap between educational opportunities and their own financial or personal situations. From our very first conversation, we'll guide you through each step towards your goals. 

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Our sports

Our unique approach allows us to apply a universal commitment to excellence, character, and sportsmanship to many different disciplines, regardless of season, location, and context. Our educational services are designed around the young person achieving measurable academic and athletic achievements in a clear and precise framework within the philosophy, which is to create additional opportunities for a successful continuation in higher education through sport regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, family composition, income, or community.

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Track and Field Athlete


  • Men's baseball

  • Women's softball

  • Golf

  • Lacrosse teams

  • Women's rowing

  • Tennis

  • Outdoor track and field

  • Men's volleyball and women's beach volleyball

  • Women's water polo

Tennis Class


  • Men's and women's cross-country

  • Women's field hockey

  • Men's Football (American Football)

  • Men's and women's soccer teams (Football)

  • Women's volleyball

  • Men's water polo


  • Basketball teams

  • Women's bowling

  • Fencing

  • Gymnastics

  • Ice hockey teams

  • Men's, women's, and mixed rifle

  • Skiing

  • Swimming and diving

  • Indoor track and field

  • Men's wrestling

Keeping you and our teams safe

In light of recent circumstances, the team at Elite Sports Consulting Ltd is taking extra precautions to ensure we're able to protect our people as best as possible. In accordance with the latest government guidelines, we're currently offering both Zoom and Microsoft meetings to minimise direct contact with families. During face-to-face meetings, all members of the team will be wearing masks and following social distancing rules. To learn more about our approach to Coronavirus, please get in touch.

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“My involvement with Everton and Elite Sports Consulting Ltd was an experience of a lifetime. Everton cared for me like one of his own, always in contact, keeping me and my family engaged plus, up to date with what was transpiring with different colleges. During my two years in the USA, Everton’s guidance was essential to my success. His advice and direction were crucial and guarantee me maximum enjoyment. This opportunity to receive an athletic scholarship helped me grow as a person and really helped me with my confidence.”

Chenay Hussey -

Young Hackney, London

(Broward College, Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 

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Organisation, patience, communication, empathy, collaboration - just some of the skills you'll gain by completing an academic or sports scholarship. Show the world what you're truly capable of with our help. 

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