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Regardless of your background, if you've got the drive and ambition to achieve greatness, we want to support you on your journey. Elite Sports Consulting Ltd is a sports consultancy firm offering educational services to 16-21-year-olds. We help young individuals secure academic or athletic scholarships to pursue university degrees in the USA whilst continuing to train and compete at a high level. As an established organisation headed by Everton Edwards, an experienced athlete and sports consultant, we work with emerging talent and ambitious teams to help them seize opportunities, and we offer guidance in making positive decisions that benefit their futures. Learn more about our founder and our solutions today.

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Under the coaching and guidance of founder Everton Edwards, students will be assessed academically and athletically in order to nurture players in preparation for scholarship programs. 

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Having helped many young people start the road to their dream careers, we understand how varied needs can be. As a reputable sports consultancy firm, our solutions are completely tailored to the individuals' own requirements and target goals.

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When it comes to scholarships, knowing where to start can be half the battle. You'll have the opportunity to utilise our knowledge and guidance in finding academic and athletic placements and funding for these opportunities.

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Elite Sports Consulting Ltd offers a more economic, valuable solution when it comes to securing scholarships for our students - we partner with local councils across London and beyond, to assist with the funding and logistical aspects of higher education in the US. Learn more about our consultancy services and begin your journey.

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If you think you have what it takes to excel, contact Elite Sports Consulting Ltd today. Call, email, or complete the online contact form to speak with Everton. 

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